Zoe Tigner Haus

What are you running away from?

Ysatis Batal


Tino Chiwariro


Siyan Liu


Shaoqi Xiang


Remi Ijaiya

On Fairly Solid Ground

Phoebe Somerfield

Outdoor Survival Guide

Ou Lin

I was not made to be subtle. A fannish study.

Max Herridge

I Took This Polaroid of an Angel Once

Maite de Orbe


Lily Boyle


Kaplan Urul


Jinjin Huang

Pieces of a Man

Jacob Ray

Rinse & Repeat

Holly de Looze

Do thou faithful unto death | Beneath the sun of the dead bird

Frederik Marks

The Surface of the Sun

Ella Finney

See Through the Red Dust

Daniele Chen


Cassie Scotting

How to Disappear

Beth Goldstone

A Space Between

Athene Gardner-Gatt

 Heavenly Bodies / Your Eyelashes On-fire / Fabric of the Spacetime

Arianna Poverini


Andrea Urbez Martinez


Albert Lintell

Selfies for Inclusion

Zahraa Karim


You Hah Kim

The Dog's in the Car

Tami Aftab

Re-birth of Venus

Sirui Ma

The Sign of Your Presence

Sebastian Atkinstall

The Fruit and the Flies

Rachel Gordon

Red as Blood, White as Snow

Peter Stewart-Sykes

The Performance of Gender

Oliver Dawson

The Other Is Present

Matilda Hallander

Untitled Universe (fake) : My Shell

Lulu Zhou

Centre Stage

Kourtney Lohn

To One in Paradise

Joseph Beeching

Motherhood and Identity

Jane Popple

Hope Road MMXX

Isha Mculloch

The Return of the Native

Haydn West

Into My Roots

Fatema Kachwala

9 Screens

Dulcie Bennett

May's Lullaby

Ciarán Linehan

Materialised Mental Isolation

Callum Fazackerley

Glimpsing in the Dark

Beatrice Bonino

Enter Hel

Astrid Aagaard-Svendsen

Cellular Echoes: What the body forgets

Anna Skahill


Alicja Lilianna Szpila

In My Own Image

Aimée Day

The Final Dance

Yulia Cavala


Wojciech Fec

Still Searching

Sophie Edge

Isn't it fitting?

Shennese Wallace

Temporary Residents

Ruth Phng Keng Hwa

It's Always a Changing Stream of Water Before we Meet the Big Blue Sea

Prim Patnasiri

Female Sexuality

Patricia Tio Prieto

BURY THE MASTERS: The beginning of the rest of your life

Moyosore Briggs

Staring Into Space

Maria Giulia Casco


Lorena Cruz-Hernandez

Wogóle Magazine

Karolina Gliniewicz

Gestures Toward Precarity

Joe Peter Smith

The Best Part of Me is You

James Greenhalgh

9 Lives

India Tuersley

Towards a Curdling of Desire and Disgust

Gemma Lewis


Emma Dunaud


Dina Luna Patey

A Frame Apart

Charles Maddocks

Fashion In The Anthropocene

Byron Chambers

Receipt for Life

Bayo Sung

No More Secrets

Aroa Isabella Nunez

Closed Doors

Anjali Gupta

Through the Eyes of a Ranger

Alexandra Sharp

What you see is not what you see

Aggie Zoltowska