Astrid Aagaard-Svendsen

Enter Hel

digital photographs

We are in Nifleheim, also known as Hel, the underworld of Norse mythology. This domain with nine realms is governed by Hel. Making Hel both the ruler, and the nine realms they rule. Depression is like Hel. In time, the lines between what is you and what is depression, disappear.

You are looking into the realm of Hel, but you are also in the realm of Hel. The box has pulled you in. The HAMA beads are the props, the performers, and the play unfolding in a pixilated format that refuses to give details.

Depression is rarely talked about. Depression is censored. Depression is a black box.
The images are bright and colourful. Quite opposite of what you’ve read here. The landscapes are picturesque. But there is a void in the landscape. A void we continue to ignore.

You are looking into the void and the confusion depression brings, the distortion of everything in your life. Day becomes night, night becomes day, and everything is turned inside out and upside down.

Depression affects around 350 million people worldwide. It greatly impacts people’s daily lives and can lead to suicide.