Callum Fazackerley

Materialised Mental Isolation

digital collage

This collection of images displays struggles that real men have lived through. I asked each subject to describe their most memorable moment, good or bad, then asking them if could use that memory to create a piece of work on them. Through exploring the overcoming of different mental issues by a select few, I hope to create beauty out of suffering and spread awareness at the same time. Using a collage of digital images as windows to show different emotions my subjects have been through allowed me to greater understand how isolating mental conditions can be. Even if you know many people are going through the same thing you still feel alone, hopeless and lost. By covering and obstructing the faces of my subjects I hope to make the scenarios more relatable and open, helping you to explore yourself. This is a quote from the inspiration for the warm-toned pair of photographs, “my inability to share my emotions and confront them, caused my relationship to fail. Or maybe it did not, and I use it as an excuse. Either way, I regret letting it get the best of me.” Using bedsheets to cover the face creates a sense of restriction and intimacy. That was especially important to me as he saw that as his greatest failure for a long time. The second pair shows a man that who’s anxiety was so bad he developed agoraphobia. A monumental moment for him was when he managed to walk to a field near his house, alone. Even though it was only for a couple of minutes, it was the start of long-overdue progress.
*All subjects I used during my project have fully recovered from their conditions and are considered mentally healthy.