Cassie Scotting


photo-transfer monoprints

44.90 explores how the repetitive process of training as an elite level athlete wears away at who the athlete is as a person. Through the use of photo-transfer monoprints, I have explored how a physical repetitive process can somehow replicate that of the athlete. Although incomplete due to the virus, 44.90 combines both audio and monoprints to show the extremes the athlete undergoes within each training session in order to come close to competing on the world stage, whilst also emphasising how fleeting such an important moment can be. 44.90 itself is the Tokyo 2020 Olympic 400m qualifying time. Over the past 9 months, my work has developed in a way I never could have envisioned at the start of this process. The global situation affected the trajectory of my work, changing it from a moving image piece, to a series of monoprints. I feel as a result, my work has grown in a way that pushes the boundaries of my practice using a combination of research and physical methods.