Emma Dunaud


digital photographs

«Dust» is a reference to the status to which man would be reduced after their dead in the Bible, it is the fruit of my encounter with these individuals whose existence was once disrupted by a second, an hour, a night when they saw the certainty of a finality in the act of dying. These photographs are the subjective vision that I have tried to apply to each of their testimonies. The duality between the Cartesian aspect of photography in its technical, instantaneous practice and the fantastic, spiritual dimension of the NDEs born from their scientific non concretization but also residing in their esotericism has made me want to photographically concretize the visual universe that these victims have experienced. In a society anchored in a rationalism increased tenfold by the digital revolution, where everything can or must be verified, the idea that something can surpass us seduced me in this theme that questions the unjustifiable.