Holly de Looze

Rinse & Repeat

photographs, moving image, monoprints on paper


‘Rinse & Repeat’ is a multidisciplinary piece combining photography, moving image and text in the form of monoprints. This body of work concentrates on the frustration of the cyclical nature of ‘everydayness’, experiencing and recording this dissatisfaction through the body in connection to its domestic environment. The recognition and performance of these repetitive rituals through intimate gestures describes the eternal cycle of time and action. My personal embodiment and consciousness of these rituals gives a sense of control, overcoming the constriction of the home. The subject throughout the work is myself, using my own body as a medium throughout the project. ‘Rinse & Repeat’ is a visual documentation of my search for an understanding and, in turn, a sense of comfort within myself and the domestic. Another important presence throughout the work is the element of care and its existence in our routines. The project is situated within the confines of my home; compartmentalising the project as a feminist piece of work, reflecting on previous research surrounding the politics of gender roles within the domestic space.