Jane Popple

Motherhood and Identity

video and c-type prints


Motherhood and Identity 2020 explores the changes in a woman’s life after entering the roles of motherhood and marriage through the use
of collage and a short film piece. With my mother as the focus; her inner feelings are uncovered through the process of an unscripted
interview in a short film format, illustrated with with connotations of mother nature and flooding memories. The physically manipulated
collage pieces act as layers of my mother’s past identity fading away; a beautifully decorated portrayal of the parting of independence for a
female entering such roles.
The film and three collages intend to be read holistically; providing an emotional visual and sensory truth for a woman stepping into
motherhood and marriage. The short film piece, Maternal Perspective, performs as a raw depiction of my mother’s reflections of her past
and losing her identity through becoming a mother and wife - her own dialogue throughout as a narrative uncovering her honest awareness
of finding love yet losing personal fulfilment.
Collage pieces Every Woman’s Dream, Repressed Memory and Concealed Ambitions transition the viewer through societal constructs
dictating females abandoning their career prospects in order to act as a nurturer for their family, then reviving surpassed memories of past
happiness that may be lost after the initial excitement of a new family, to the harsh realisation that they have perhaps lost past aspirations
for personal gratification through embodying these roles that society precepts as contentment.
Motherhood and Identity not only acts as a relatable embodiment for many women in today’s society after entering marriage and
motherhood, but also an intimate and impassioned journey; reaching a sense of awareness of my mother’s sacrifices for her own dreams
and direction for her children and husband. The message that is therefore designed to be portrayed through Motherhood and Identity is a
lesson for young women; to reach a sense of fulfilment before marrying and bearing children.