Jinjin Huang


aluminium installation, c-type prints

The Swedish Philosopher Nick Bostrom proposed a bold assumption in Are you living in a computer simulation? (2003). He suggests the possibility that human beings might be living in a computer simulation.
Therefore, taking Nick Bostrom's computer simulation theory as the starting point, I thought of genes—a perfect string of data, and then I thought of faces. In traditional cognition, human's physical appearance is determined by genes, and genes are natural and non-artificial things, but the structure of genes seems to be too delicate and artificial. Isn't it like the code that some unknown higher civilizations designed for us?
According to this idea, I created a set of image installation works, Face.
The installations are made up by two parts. The first part is a long-stretched installation of the face. The second part is three data clouds suspended above the face installation.
Through creating a new simulation, I point towards our existing simulation. What is the truth of the world? This question is pertinent in this post-truth era full of fake news and alternative facts, when it is so easy to forge the truth and believe in simulacra, we need to think about this question even more.