Kaplan Urul


digital photographs

A caged animal exists within society whilst simultaneously remaining separate. They remain uncivilized. The animal represents impulsivity, desire, fear and violence. The cage represents restriction. It holds the expectations of civilized society. The animal is confined within social convention. If the animal were to break loose of the cage, this could be seen as a rebellion against formality and a threat to civilization. This is similar to the outcast and how such individuals may be dangerous when not contained by society. The individual may threaten to ‘break the cage’; their potential for violence and opposition to the notion of civil bonding leaves them in a state of metaphorical solitary confinement.

My images depict a lone male navigating the domestic space: we see him moving from room to room interacting with the home in obscure ways. It seems he is almost fighting against the space like a caged animal. In this instance the home becomes a reflection of society: the individual is trapped navigating the confines of expectation and social convention.