Lily Boyle



Döstädning is an exploration of a lifetime of accumulated objects found in my grandparents’ garage in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Initially, the process of examining this collection of objects was inspired by Margareta Magnusson’s understanding of the Swedish concept of Döstädning, translated as ‘death cleaning’. It delves into the ways in which objects are handed on through generations and the inherent aspect of storytelling that accompanies this process. It seeks to examine the psychological reasons why we preserve items, even when an object has forfeited its use. The process of discovering these used, broken or fragmented items created a dialogue between my grandparents and I specifically about their engagement with each possession. Furthermore, discussing how each engagement assigns significance to everyday objects through human memory and interaction. Döstädning invites the viewer to consider the cycle of usefulness which objects proceed in; the transfer between use and waste, removal, and restoration.