Maria Giulia Casco

Staring Into Space


‘Starring into Space’ is a series of photographs which portray objects I created throughout the year. // The sculptural pieces and their photographic documentations, aim to question the material quality of the subject-object in relation to its representation. The two elements, placed close to each others, underline the limitations of the lens-based medium, which translates the third dimension to a flattened surface and interrogates the validity of the image in terms of the art-object. Additionally, it is intended to make the viewer think around the physical engagement that can be established between the body and the piece in one case, and between the mind and the piece. // The methodology adopted for the creation of the three-dimensional figures, has been the starting point for an exploration into the unknown realm of plastic arts. The frightening condition of meeting with the ‘unfamiliar’, has been transformed into an attitude of openness that allowed me to embrace and accept unpredictable events and transform them into strengths, becoming the leading force of the project. This, enabled encounters with the ‘not-yet-known’ to happen and being prepared to cope with a series of feelings which raise as a consequence of a ‘blind walk’.