Matilda Hallander

The Other Is Present

Installation with sound piece, water, cymatic device, mirror, light

Our perception is limited to our own body, which could be part of why we feel isolated from our environment in the form of a human/nature divide. Anthropocentrism has made us destructive towards our environment, othering it as we put ourselves above it. Water travels through all bodies and connects them - this liquidity suggests a blurring of the separateness between bodies. We can see ourselves in other beings and have empathy towards all life. This is why water in movement is a crucial part of my piece.

This work is an installation, represented here as a video. It consists of a cymatic device, a sound piece, water, and it’s reflection. The device has sensors reacting to the viewer’s presence and how they move around it. It is an exploration of immersion, and how sound frequency affects the water around us and within us. In my cymatic device there is a sound piece which makes the water move in patterns. Light creates reflections from the water on a large scale, immersing the viewer in it.

The sound piece is made up of recordings of vibrational data which has been interpreted by a computer program and turned into sound. To our understanding, it could have come from any type of body. As the viewer affects the sound - and the sound affects the reflections - through the sensors, so does the human affect the environment, simply by being present.