Rachel Gordon

The Fruit and the Flies


‘The Fruit and the Flies’ is a fragmented and metaphorical journey through the “delirious space” of the photographic, circumnavigating the non-communicable thresholds of love and loss. It exists as a constellated performance of inner-dialogue; a visual diary and inventory of a period of time. The viewer is invited to experience a sense of unconscious wondering, fluctuating between disorientating, fleeting moments and white space. Wandering with my mind as it very often sways from the narrative path.

The contingent and fluctuating process of the photographic conceptualises a subconscious elsewhere; an untouchable alternative to the reality of grief. The images perform as abstractions of the realities which we become so accustomed to, discomposing the physical and psychological landscapes of who we are and all that we know. Susan Sontag describes images specifically as being capable of giving one “an imaginary possession of a past that is unreal”. Within the photographic, all of these ephemeral moments and places exist simultaneously, as if suspended in time.