Siyan Liu


analogue photographs

The work Breath explores the sense of oppression that people feel under the high-speed information flow and network environment. The Internet has covered everyone with a layer of cloth, on the one hand hiding our identity in real life, but also completely cutting off our true experience of this world. This makes many so-called ‘facts’ even more confusing. There is a lot of capital behind them that is guiding the direction of public opinion. Uncon-sciously, we will become the sacrifice in this cyber war, swaying without self-awareness. When our mental inertia is cultivated by the convenience of the Internet, people become over-obsessed with the virtual world and extremely ignore everything in real life, which also means that it is difficult for us to take the initiative to get rid of the instinct-like de-pendence on the Internet, and we will also blindly believe in all the 'truths' it states. So, when everyone tries to board the ship of ‘new media’ and grab the attention of people on the other side in the shortest time, our lives have been buried in huge data streams, and our information receiving model has already been fragmented gradually. No one cares about what is right or wrong. Everyone blindly worships unverified speech, fights against each other, and is forced to accept real-time and constantly updated network hotspots and the impetuous atmosphere of the entire network world every day, which makes me feel very depressed. The so-called ‘freedom of speech’ is realized in the virtual world, but the boundaries of truth are blurred because everyone is making subjective evalu-ations. I tried to escape from such a big environment. I closed myself and cut off all media channels, but I found that in modern life, I can’t completely escape from such a mechanized slave society, and can only withstand the constant input of information from this world. I felt panic because of the powerlessness that can't get rid of reality, tired of the process of constantly discerning authenticity, looking at the autonomy gradually deprived by others. It seemed that there was something that choked my soul when I was in search of freedom in my essence, making me suffocate. I tried to find out what is true in all the chaos. In creation, I create images in the form of stage photography, arranging the elements I want to express. The reason of using film as a medium for shooting is that it can make the picture more textured, avoid over-processing that I don’t like, and pursue the most realistic presentation, which is more relevant to the theme.In the exhibition plan, I want to bring more immersive feeling to the audience, so I make a enclosed space and enlarge the printing size of my works.