Yulia Cavala

The Final Dance

ballroom dress

“The Final Dance” is a graduate photographic project, which pays homage to a dancer’s ballroom dancing career of 11 years.

Before attending University of The Arts London, I was a professional ballroom dancer. However, in order to pursue my dream of studying in London, I had to give up my dancing career and focus on my new priority.

The project consists of a ballroom dancing dress made by my Mother, as well as a movie presenting the dress from different angles. The movie is accompanied by a voiceover of my Mother, as well as and the one Waltz song I would choose to dance to, if I had to dance for the final time.
“The Final Dance” investigates the idea of a lost dream, both for me and my Mother – to whom the world of ballroom dancing was an important part of her life, which doesn’t exist anymore. I always wanted to be a ballroom dancer and my Mother always wanted to create my ballroom dresses. The dress, therefore, symbolises the two lost dreams merging together in order to create a final piece, paying homage to my ballroom dancing career.

“The Final Dance” movie allows the spectator to enter the world of mother-daughter’s ballroom dancing dream. It allows the audience to understand the passion, love, desire and pain we both experienced when, for the final time, we came together to create an artefact, which represents the lifestyle we once used to lead.
This project became an arena for the creative connection between my Mother and I, where we both attempt to fulfil the desire of quenching loss of both of our dreams through the creative art.