Graduate Awards 2020

Prize from Emma Bowkett at FT weekend magazine

Byeori Sung

Phoebe Somerfield

Byron Chambers


Wilson Centre for Photography Prize

Tami Aftab 

Sebastian Atkinstall

Andrew Little


Simon Bishop Prize


Rachel Gordon

Haydn West 

Sebastian Atkinstall

Aimee Day

Prize from Niamh Treacy at Format Festival

Thank you for inviting FORMAT and myself to present an award to your graduates this year. It's been so nice to look through their work this afternoon. It's been a really hard decision to make; I could have very easily selected multiple winners. They should all be proud of the work created especially in the face of a pandemic! 


Tami Aftab

Commendations to:

Prim Patnasiri

Haydn West

Karolina Gliniewicz

Lily Boyle

Zoe Tigner Haus 

Paul Smith Prize



Matilda Hollander

Spacey and visual!


Runners up:

Astrid Aagaard-Svendsen

Lulu Zho


Photographers' Gallery instagram take-over


Tami Aftab

You Hah Kim

Metro Imaging Mentorship Award


Maite de Orbe

Photofusion Prize


Peter Stewart-Sykes

Remi Ijaiya

Prize from Hannah Watson at TJBouting

Tami Aftab's final project I chose as the winner  as it possessed not only a strong visual identity and voice, but was thoughtfully presented for exhibition. The combination of text, audio and video with the still images held together very cohesively. Even seeing it as a pdf she had given a really clear idea of the 3d concept and backed it up with the images and content of the project. Well done to Tami.

Zoe Tigner-Haus also is to be commended on a strong conceptual and very well executed presentation. And Kaplan Urul for work that suited well the planned exhibition space. I like the way both had used the opportunities to experiment with spaces and installations that otherwise might not be a reality!

Congratulations to all graduates and wish you all the best for the future.